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Silvergate and SVB

Breaking the
Barriers to Banking

Cryptocurrencies represent the best chance of re-inventing the entire global financial system from the ground up so it can serve everybody, including the 1.4B underbanked globally.

The economic and social benefits of ensuring everybody has access to fair financial services are significant. Which is why we are building a Crypto Banking as a Service stack that any institution can use to provide fair, cryptocurrency native financial products to their customers.
Our Team

A growing team of product, technology and financial services professionals.

Bhanu Kohli
Co-Founder, CEO
Tarun Mistry
Co-Founder, CTO
John Ingold
Chief Risk Officer
Nick Beltran
VP Partnerships, Customer Success
Nenad Vujcic
Lead Product Manager
Daniel Lee
Lead Engineer
Mark Pimentel
Lead Cloud Architect
Divya Jaisawal
Pratibha Kumara Krishnan
Zarina Madai
Andrii Sulzhyk
Jack Murphy
Product Manager