Banking as a Service

Rapidly onboard and provide your customers with deposit accounts and multi-custody crypto wallets. Layer2 takes care of all the complexities of compliance, ledgering, money movement, banking, payments, custody, exchange and operations.

Onboard Customers

Rapidly onboard or add individual or corporate customers via APIs or the onboarding app. Individual customers can be verified nearly instantly.

Unlimited accounts

Support a variety of currencies. Open as many accounts as desired to suit your own specific use case, configuring each to your own liking

Receive Funds

Customers can request deposit instructions in order to send in funds to a particular account. After AML, fraud checks, funds are made available.

Transfer Funds

Customers can transfer between accounts or withdraw them to external accounts.

Trade Funds

Customers can trade between supported currencies, and not worry about liquidity, sweeping or settlement operations.

Insured accounts

Funds are automatically held with banks and qualified banks, custodians, tracked on our integrated ledger.