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Silvergate and SVB

Buy, Sell, Hold

Embed digital asset accounts into your experience. Rapidly onboard and provide your customers with the ability to safely and securely custody and exchange stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, fiat. Achieve this via our feature-specific, easy to use APIs.

1. Securely Custody with Banks

Funds are automatically held with regulated crypto and fiat banking partners, tracked on our integrated ledger. Customers will not need to manage keys or wallets.

2. Assets Held 1:1

Rest easy knowing customer assets are fully backed and are not being used for anything other than your own use cases.

3. Onboard Customers

Rapidly onboard or add individual or corporate customers via APIs or the onboarding app. Individual customers can be verified nearly instantly.

4. Open Accounts

Open currency-specific qualified custodial accounts for your customers, and configure to your liking. Open as many as necessary.

5. Receive Funds

Customers can request crypto or fiat deposit instructions in order to send in funds to a particular account. After AML, fraud checks, funds are made available.

6. Trade Funds

Customers can trade between supported stablecoin, crypto and fiat currencies, and not worry about gas, liquidity, sweeping or settlement operations.

7. Transfer Funds

Customers can freely transfer between accounts of the same currency, including to other customers.

8. Withdraw Funds

Withdrawals allow customers to transfer funds to an external crypto or bank account in a compliant way