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Silvergate and SVB

Payments Gateway

You or your customers can safely accept payments in stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and settle to FIAT or currency of choice. Create invoices, add payors and track payments in an automated fashion.

1. Onboard Business Customers

Onboard corporate customers via API or the onboarding app, or setup a customer profile for your own business. KYB is typically completed within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Add Payors

Add payors to customers’ profiles. You can assign and track payments from these expected payors once invoices are generated for them.

3. Generate Payment Instructions

Set an amount, payment reference and generate blockchain address(es) for the payor. An address can be used for a one time payment or dedicated to the payor for recurring payments.

4. Accept Inbound Payments

Payors can pay in several supported cryptocurrencies, for maximum payor flexibility. AML, fraud checks are automatically completed upon receipt.

5. Auto-trade, Settlement, Withdrawal

An automated auto-trade can be initiated to a desired settled fiat, stablecoin or crypto currency. After settlement, the funds can be safely custodied in deposit accounts or withdrawn.

6. Track and View Payments

View payment status, account balances, payment transaction history, payment transactions by settlement.