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Silvergate and SVB

Earn Yield

Generate risk aligned crypto or stablecoin yield for your customers or yourself, through regulated, commercial lending.

1. Onboard Customers

Rapidly onboard customers that want to earn yield, or quickly add your own corporate customer profile in order to earn yield for yourself.

2. Select Risk Profile

Select from various managed, lending pools featuring different risk and return profiles. No need to find and validate borrowers, our regulated partners take care of that

3. Open Yield Accounts

Create specific yield configurations for the various yield generating mechanisms, including interest rate and other parameters, and open yield accounts for you or your customers.

4. Fund Yield Accounts

Directly fund yield accounts from deposit accounts or transfer in from external sources. Yield earned is automatically re-entered into the lending pool and earning more yield.

5. Automated Yield Distribution

We take care of the interest distribution from the pools to the various yield accounts. Check balances, transactions and yield payments via API.

6. Withdrawal

When the funds in a yield account are needed, they can be withdrawn from the lending pool and transferred back into a deposit account of choice.