Sponsor Model

Offer financial products to your end users while leaving the complex compliance requirements to us and our partner Financial Institutions.

Onboard & Manage Customers

Onboard customers rapidly, via API or user-facing application. Manage and view customers via API or Management UI, once approved


Comprehensive Know Your Customer and/or Know Your Business checks on potential customers, whether individual or corporate. Identify and verify individual and business identities, and receive automated decisioning

Ongoing Fraud & AML

Fraud and AML monitoring occurs through the entire customer lifecycle, from onboarding through to their financial activity and transactions

Transaction Monitoring

All transactions are monitored for fraud, sanctions, AML, and suspicious activity is flagged, monitored and reported on. Blockchain analytics are used to monitor on-chain movement of funds

Regulatory Compliance

Offer products and enable financial transactions that are compliant with the necessary regulatory bodies and rules, including Fintrac, Fincen, OCC, travel rule, and more