Pay Ins and Pay Outs

An enhanced and automated payment offering: accept or make payments via multiple fiat and crypto rails, supporting multiple source currencies that can automatically settle to a supported currency of choice

On and Off Ramps

Accept USD and automatically settle into one of 20+ digital assets or accept 20+ digital assets and automatically settle into USD. Hold the USD or digital assets with our banking and qualified custody partners, or withdraw to external accounts.

Automate Payment Operations

You or your merchants/customers can generate invoices, assign and manage counterparties, accept/make and track payments across their lifecycle.

Deposit Funds

Receive crypto to an account/wallet via dynamic or static on-chain deposit addresses, or accept fiat via a number of supported rails: ACH Push/Pull, Fedwire, Swift, Credit/ Debit Cards (coming soon), Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon.

Withdraw Funds

Setup counterparties and make automatic or on-demand payments in a basket of currencies across a variety of rails including ACH Push, Fedwire, Swift, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon.

Internal Transfers

Book transfers between accounts of the same currency, within the same custodian/bank are instant.

Manage Counterparties

Manage counterparties, including linked external bank accounts for simpler and streamlined money movement.

Built in Compliance

All funds moving are subject to AML and fraud monitoring, and travel rule compliance is built in.