1. Technical Integration

We assign an Integration lead and an Engineering lead to work
with you all the way. We help you with sandbox credentials, Dev Q&A, test support, and pilot guidance.

You set the speed, we have seen it done in days, but it typically takes our clients 2-4 weeks.

2. Contractual Agreements

Typically, we have two agreements. One between Layer2 and your company and one between your customers and the regulated entities; captured during onboarding.

3. Operations Integration

Making sure you can provide a great support to your customers is our priority.
Our operations team will train your staff on how to use out tools, how to support and how to onboard your customers.

We will agree with your team on how to communicate with us, how to seek support, and how to see everything that your customers do in the platform. Your team only has to interact with Layer2. We deal with banks and other downstream partners.