Yield as a Service

Earn secure, high-interest yield on USD deposits, generated through US Treasury Bills or Money Market Funds (coming soon). You or your customers simply deposit USD into the account, and Layer2 and its partners automate the purchase and custody of the underlying instrument, including any renewals and yield distribution

Onboard Customers

Rapidly onboard customers that want to earn yield, or quickly add your own corporate customer profile.

Select Product

Set up a USD T-bill or pick from one of 7 Money Market Funds to construct your yield product configuration. Define a specific interest rate for your customers, or set to dynamic/variable.

Open Yield Accounts

Easily open yield accounts with any previously created USD Yield product configuration, for you and your customers

Fund Accounts

Directly fund yield accounts from an internal deposit account, or transfer in from external bank accounts, via ACH, Wire or Digital assets

Watch Deposits Grow

Interest accrual and distribution is automated for all yield accounts. Upon maturity, T-bills are automatically re-purchased with invested funds and earned interest.

Withdraw Funds

When you need liquidity, withdraw funds back to a deposit account. Layer2 ensures availability through careful liquidity management with its partners